Run, Laugh And Love- Your Kiddo's Gross Motor Skills Are Getting Better

So, your kid returns from school and wants to play with you! While you love all the attention and bonding time, are you confused about what you should be playing? After all, kids can get easily bored. Those run-arounds don’t interest them anymore. But running, jumping, throwing balls and catching things are some gross motor skills that your little one develops during these areas. Plus, they need to involve those large muscle groups.Run, Laugh And Love- Your Kiddo's Gross Motor Skills Are Getting Better

What you can do 
So, you need to play a few games that don’t bore them, give you tons of bonding time and help your little one develop physically. Choose some fun games to play, such as balloon toss. Now, kids love balloons. And even if they can’t catch them, they won’t be hurt by them. So, blow those balloons in the air, let your child bounce and catch them. Or you can play hula hoops, which are fun (and you can learn rolling them on your waist too!). So, go ahead and grab two hoops, one for your little one and one for yourself.

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