Run, Toss or Hula Hoop! Your Child is Now Ready For More Sensory Games

There was a time when your child could barely stand, but by 3 years of age, they would have mastered the art of walking, even if they walk with cute, duck like steps. Now is the time that you indulge their senses more and help them develop their fine or gross motor skills at the same time!

What you need to know

Well, there’s nothing better than some fun games to improve your child’s sensory skills and enable their coordination. So, go ahead!Run, Toss or Hula Hoop! Your Child is Now Ready For More Sensory Games

Play some games like the run around, giving directions to the kid such as running to the big tree, touching the bark and coming back, which will indulge your child’s ear, smell, touch and eyes. Or play balloon toss in the air, where they will be using their motor skills as well as their vision for support. Some hula-hoop is going to guarantee a ton of fun as well. But if you are ready to get messy and have a lot of fun with your little one, then try egg races, where your child will have to place an egg on a spoon and run from one corner to the other. That’s always a ton of fun!

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