Running, Exploring Playgrounds, Games And Recess- Your Child's An All Rounder

It might just seem like a day ago that your little one was born; you held their tiny body in your hands, cradled their head and sang lullabies to put them to sleep. And now, they are already in a regular school, facing the dynamics of this new phase of life, be it academics or co-curricular activities.

What you need to know 
This can be a quite an exciting time. After all, your choice of school will determine their future. But most often, parents select a school based on its academic status. What they don’t realize is that for a 5 year old, school is less about the academics, but more about physical development.

Running, Exploring Playgrounds, Games And Recess- Your Child's An All Rounder

After all, this is the time your child learns how to walk along a line, jump over objects, walk on balance beams and even run obstacles. So, basically, select a school where there’s a lot to explore, with options to play a variety of games and an open ‘recess!’ But how do you ensure if a school is right for your child or not? Well, you should start by visiting schools. Check their playing facilities, playgrounds and even meet the school’s sports’ teacher. This will help you understand how the school will help your child to grow and develop.

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