Self-Feeding Is Now An Important Milestone In Your Child's Development

Your little child is growing up and there is a continuous effort to be independent. Your child would be insisting to wear clothes on their own, brush on their own, comb hair on their own and also eat on their own. This is the right age when you can start focussing on self-feeding.

What you need to know

Most children this age are able to feed themselves with forks and spoons. They are able to chew the food well and also take out any food from their mouth that they have difficulty chewing. So the chances of choking are also minimised. They may still be messy eaters and have strong preferences of food but giving them a chance to feed themselves will help their confidence and personality.

What you need to do
Preparing food for your child is where your creativity will be needed the most. Your toddler needs food that can easily be eaten on their own and is also nutritious and tasty. Since their appetite is still small, you will have to keep giving them food at regular intervals to fulfil their nutritional requirements. Try offering strips of vegetable and fruits as snacks.

Avoid foods that can pose choking hazards
Start by giving your child soft food that can be easily picked up with the spoon and then gradually move to thicker food as your child learns to master the use of a spoon. It is best to stay away from food like peanuts, grapes, popcorn etc when your child is self-feeding as they can pose a choking hazard.

Self-Feeding Is Now An Important Milestone In Your Child's Development

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