Sight Words- Foundation For Reading Comprehension And Fluency! Your Child's Ready

If your child begins to read a book and can recognize the words, she will be inclined to complete reading the book. To help your child improve her reading skills, sight words are a powerful way for her to begin reading the printed material.

What you need to know 
By learning these words systematically through repetition and word games, they will come naturally to your first grader. Mastering these words will help her read fluently. Provide numerous opportunities to your child to master the sight words. Let her practice and repeat the words. For instance, her teacher can send the words in her homework folder. You can use flash cards to help her in this process.

What you can do 
When your child is working on a particular word, write the word on an index card. Let her touch, say, see, repeat and build the words. Once she is done, let her paste the card on her cupboard or a big chart paper. This will help her review the words learnt while learning new words too.

Most important, let it be fun for her while learning sight words. Through practice, repetition and exposure to new words, she will gain confidence, improve her comprehension and overall reading abilities.

Sight Words- Foundation For Reading Comprehension And Fluency! Your Child's Ready

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