Skipping A Rope: How It Can Help Your Child Develop?

Watching your 5+ year old trying to skip a rope is quite amusing. With all their might, they move the rope and try to skip past it, sometimes achieving the objective and sometimes tripping! Learning to skip a rope can be quite a rewarding experience for a child, and a proud moment for any parent. That’s why you should wait to introduce your child to this activity. It is fun and amusing, keeps your child fit. But most importantly, it helps your child develop both gross and fine motor skills.
How? Well, skipping rope is one of the activities that involves both large and small muscle groups.Skipping A Rope: How It Can Help Your Child Develop?

What you need to know

The large muscle groups involve legs and torso, while smaller muscle groups involve fingers and hands, their movement and eye-hand-body coordination. So, basically, skipping a rope will give your child an opportunity to hone their gross-fine motor skills. At the same time, it has other benefits.

For instance, it gives your little one an opportunity to stay active and fitter! Plus, it even ensures that children who are overly active can find a means to channel their energy, allowing them to sleep well at night. Skipping also helps in developing eye-hand coordination, so your child will even learn how to play with a ball or catch something.




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