Sleep is Still Quintessential For Your Kid- Even Though He May Fuss About It

At this stage, apart from food, sleep plays a vital role in your child’s physical development. Your kiddo might show little interest in sleeping as he does not want to miss out on anything interesting happening around. However, he needs an ideal 10-12 hours of sleep a day, inclusive of nap time. Apart from the quantity of sleep, it is important to ensure that a child gets quality sleep for a refreshing feeling after waking up.Sleep is Still Quintessential For Your Kid- Even Though He May Fuss About It

What you need to know

If your little one encounters any sleep disorder such as waking up several times, regular bedwetting, continuous snoring, frequent screaming or crying, sleep walking or horrifying dreams, you may have to take a few precautions. 

Prolonged inadequate quality sleep leads to hyperactive disorders or weight gain problems. Some of the reasons for lack of quality sleep could be stress or fear of something, cold or other health issues, long hours of electronic gadget usage or unhealthy food habits.




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