Smart, Smarter, Smartest! Your Kiddo is Totally Getting There!

Smart, Smarter, Smartest! Your Kiddo is Totally Getting There!
Verbal language

Well why wouldn’t your little one grow smarter – after all, his mind has been developing in every manner right from birth! But at this age, he will definitely make many changes to his lifestyle.

What you need to know 
As a parent you will experience various changes in your child – curiosity about everything, frequent questioning, etc. But the need for you is to remain calm and patient and help them to grow cognitively during this period of their life. Lend him a caring ear and let him know that his thinking and questions are equally valued. This is how your child will become sharp in thinking and interact frequently with you.

Or else you can put a problematic situation in front of your child and ask for his opinion. This will help him in refining his skills further. At the school level also, make your child participate in events like quizzes etc. But beyond all this, do understand that your child is still a child and is developing. So don’t impose your expectations on him -- rather support him all through.