"Sorry" May Not Come Naturally To Your Child

"Sorry" May Not Come Naturally To Your Child
Verbal language

At this age, your kid may find it really difficult to say ‘I am sorry’. You would probably also have a tough time making your kid own up to his mistakes and apologise for them. Teaching your little one to take responsibility for his actions, apologise and make amends is a gradual process. It takes time and practice.

What you need to know

Kids many a times do not feel that their actions need an apology. They find it difficult to look beyond themselves because they are not sensitive to the other person’s hurt yet. An act that might look like something that deserves an apology to you, doesn't seem the same way to your child. Even when they realise their mistake they have a tough time saying sorry. Forcing them makes them more stubborn and they refuse to say sorry even if they might realise their mistake.

Some kids give in when forced and say ‘sorry’ without the apology meaning anything to them. However, you may not want to teach your child this. It'll be better to sit the child down and make him realise how the other child feels. With time he would learn to put himself in the other person’s shoes and apology will come naturally and will be heartfelt.

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