Starting First Grade- Your Kiddo Needs A Routine

Your child is enjoying his summer break with a routine that’s not very structured. In order to start the new grade on a bright note, it becomes very crucial to get his routine organized a couple of weeks before he starts his first day in first grade.

What you can do
To start with, you can set up early bed times. Your child may wonder why is he getting earlier to bed. Make him understand the importance of a good night’s sleep. Once he feels well rested, he will be able to concentrate and do well in activities the next day.Starting First Grade- Your Kiddo Needs A Routine

Waking up on time will also ensure you have a calm peaceful morning. Talk to him about getting organized. Discuss with him how his after school routine will be like. After the bedtime routine is done, he will have to keep the uniform and backpack ready for the next day school.

Chart of everyday activities
You can have your child create a chart of things he needs to do each day. Guide him and talk to him about how the morning routine will be. For instance, the wake up time, brushing and taking a bath, getting ready, having breakfast and leaving for school with backpack and lunch bag, leaving the house with plenty of time to get to school.

Similarly, he can make a list of things he has to do once he is back from school: eating a healthy snack, doing homework, outdoor play, dinner and bedtime ritual. He can have these charts pasted in his room. Familiarizing him with the changes to come will help him handle them better.




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