Starting To Express Thoughts And Emotions

If your child is in this age group, then for sure it’s the time when he will just talk and talk more and more. Don’t get irritated by what he is saying -- rather lend a caring ear to him and interact with him on a regular basis.

What you need to know 

Your child will laugh at and crack jokes that may seem like PJ’s to you. But this is normal in children of this age group. For them, even the smallest thing may appear to be hilarious. Around this time, you might observe a slight problem with your child’s fluency.Starting To Express Thoughts And Emotions

This occurs because the child is grasping things at a rapid rate and this causes problems in fluent speech. Keep encouraging him and don’t make him feel self-conscious about this. Rather, encourage him to keep talking and conversing. This will prove to be a confidence booster for your child and he will become eventually more interactive and confident in his speech. So interact with him on a regular basis and let him develop his speech and language skills at his own pace.

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