Talking Back, Defiance, Whining...He Will Do It All!

Talking Back, Defiance, Whining...He Will Do It All!
Emotional Development

You may notice your child at this age consciously or unconsciously testing boundaries as he becomes more interested in making decisions for himself.

What you need to know
This will often lead to changes in his behaviour, as in he may become irritating, angry or have different behavioural mood swings. Well, in this situation you need to be patient and understand that this is a phase where his behavioural skills need to be nurtured well. Being a caring parent for your child you need to know that it is all a matter of forming firm guidance and boundaries.

What you can do
Besides this, you must give your child the opportunity to make appropriate choices while managing their behaviour well. You will notice that your child is actually exploring an all newfound sense of himself showing different behavioural perspectives altogether. Also he may socialize much with his peers and make new friends and chill out more time with them. This is where you need to understand his behavioural changes and be assertive so that he may not feel dominated.

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