Taste, Touch & Smell--Yes, Your Kid Can Now Tell!

Your pre-schooler's sense organs are developing rapidly right now. Notice how she dives into beautifully presented food or gets attracted to aromatic curry in your kitchen and urges you to give her a spoonful - they're all signs of how perceptive she is getting to sensory experiences.

What you need to know

Visual appeal attracts her attention though continuing to eat depends on individual taste. Bitter tastes will not be liked even now. Keep offering different tastes as you never know when your little boy or girl would grow up to love them. She will be able to distinguish between different smells of common items. She can differentiate between fragrance and stench; fresh and rotten smells (to an extent); liked food item and disliked one. 

From a tender touch to a firm grasp, your little one’s ability to touch and hold objects would also improve drastically. She can now hold a pencil to write, play with objects like a ball, confidently place building blocks and similar tools and mould clay to make preferred shape. She can differentiate between various textures such as smooth, rough, soft, hard, sticky, dry and so on.

Taste, Touch & Smell--Yes, Your Kid Can Now Tell!

While she is exploring her new world you can be a guide and help her associate those senses with what they stand for. So go ahead join her explorations!

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