Teach Your Kid To Read Newspapers And Other Print Sources

Teach Your Kid To Read Newspapers  And Other Print Sources

Your child has entered school and is learning new things. He can now read and write which is an amazing thing. You as a mother need to keep your kid in constant practice so that he can polish his reading skills.

Advantages of Reading Newspapers

If you think that your child can read long sentences without any difficulty then you can start off with the next step. Try and teach the kid how to read newspapers and magazines. The vocabulary of these print sources is obviously tough for the kid but this would help him improve his diction and rate of speech.

Start With The Easiest Article

Select the easiest article from the newspaper and ask the kid to read it aloud. Whenever he stops at any word teach him the exact pronunciation and also ask him to note it down on a paper. At the end of the lesson you can make them understand the meaning of those words. Never stop the kid from reading. Let him read hoardings, posters, TV commercials etc. This would improve his sense of understanding about different texts.




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