Teach Your Kids Simple Yoga Poses To Stay Fit And Fine

Your six-year-old is ready to learn yoga and practice a list of yoga exercises when you relate them with beautiful garden plants and animals. Practicing simple yoga poses right from childhood can help your kid improve  flexibility, balance, body awareness, strength, language development, cognitive skills, and concentration, to lead a healthy and peaceful life. So, why not make it a point to teach your child some easy-to-do yoga exercises with some popular garden yoga poses, this International Yoga Day? Let’s get started!Teach Your Kids Simple Yoga Poses To Stay Fit And Fine

1. Tree Pose: Instruct your six-year-old kid to stand on one leg, bend the knee of other leg, and place the sole of foot on the inner thigh area of the standing leg, and balance the body. Now, raise the hands and join the palms. Tell your kid to sway sideways just like a tree sways in the breeze or stand still and focus on the breathing. Switch the sides and repeat the steps. 

2. Frog Pose: Guide your child to come down to a squat, keep knees apart, place arms between the knees, place hands on the floor, and jump like a frog. Return to squat position after every jump. 

3. Child Pose: Teach your six-year-old kid to sit back on heels, bring the forehead down and rest it on the ground in front of the knees. Let your child have few deep breaths pretending to be a seed of a plant with arms resting alongside. 

4. Butterfly Pose: Help your child sit on  buttocks by keeping the spine straight upright, bend the  legs, join the soles of the feet together in front, and  flap the legs gently just like the wings of a butterfly.

5. Flower Pose: From the butterfly pose, direct your six-year-old to raise the bent legs, balance the entire body on the sitting bones, and interweave the arms under the folded legs. Let the palms face upwards, as your kid flashes a beautiful smile, looking just like a flower.

Now that you know a list of basic garden yoga poses that can actually boost your kid’s health, don’t forget to indulge them in this creative exercise.

Disclaimer : Content presented here is for information purposes only, please consult with your doctor for any health queries




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