The 7th Year--Development Towards Objectivity

The 7th Year--Development Towards Objectivity
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Congratulations! You are now at the successful milestone of parenting your 7 year old child. The 7th year is a very beautiful as well as a cautious period of your child and of your being a more responsible parent. Your child is more fascinated with the outside world and is very much curious to know about the various secrets of nature. He becomes more independent with his opinions and looks to his peers and parents as authority figures to form his ideas. They are still growing up with the innocence and the curiosity to learn about their surroundings.

What you need to know
Your tween-aged child continues to develop objective skills as they enter their primary school. Their influence on you still persists. Hence, take advantage of this period to build a strong relationship with your kids and guide them to help develop their emotional intelligence and self-management habits.

At this stage of growth your child is more enthusiastic about the outside world. Your child will be able to absorb information with enthusiasm. They would be making their own preferences and choices. Their psychological development is now at a higher rate. They possess the capacity to express complex ideas and show a keen interest in subject learning. This thirst for learning brings out the competitive nature amongst the children at this stage. Provide them with various books to enhance their reading and imagination skills.

Your kiddo is more emotional now
They are more effected at the emotional level and respond according to their emotional situation. Though they make their own choices, they are directly or indirectly dependent on you to make a judicious choice. They tend to show a high interest in trying out new stuff and challenges. There is a strong will power to upgrade their level and to be first in all academic progress.

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