The Ever Improving Hand-Eye Coordination

At this age, your kids’ physical development is not as rapid as it was in the earlier years but with respect to gross and fine motor skills it is getting refined exponentially. His hand-eye coordination keeps getting better at this stage and this is an amazing aspect of his development.

What you need to know 
Your kiddo will now start to grow tall and try to handle themselves during jumps and rides and balance themselves. Their fine motor skills also get sharper and accurate. The way they have control over holding colour pencils gives them confidence in doing art work.The Ever Improving Hand-Eye Coordination

Their hand-eye coordination also becomes refined. With this refinement you can see they are going to be good at sports – catching and hitting the ball, good in handwriting – which is very essential for their academics and reading. But they are yet to figure out the direction of the ball and how fast it is moving, and because of this they might get hit, so you need to be in constant supervision for injuries while playing.

Poor hand-eye coordination leads to difficulty in your kid to do things like dressing himself, etc. If there is any issue with hand-eye coordination you would have noticed it before the age of 3 and taken care. So the main points at this age are to refine it by sports like throw and catch, hitting a suspended ball, art work, stacking, speed writing and puzzles which require hand & eye coordination.




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