The Impatience Monster Is Budding in Your Little One- How To Go About It?

The Impatience Monster Is Budding in Your Little One- How To Go About It?

Your little one finds it extremely difficult to wait for their turn to use the swing or a toy that they want to play with. For most children this age even a minute’s wait can seem like forever. Turn taking is an important skill that your child must learn and you can speed up the process by trying to enforce it as much as possible.

What you need to know
At times it can become really embarrassing if your child is just not willing to wait for the turn to get on the swing. There can be a major emotional scene in front of everyone. In their frustration some children can even hit, push or pull. These are behaviours that are absolutely unacceptable in a social setting. Young children are still developing the sense of time. They are not sure how much time ‘soon’ or ‘a minute’ can take to get over. You can try counting out to the child or set a timer if it helps the child.

What you need to do
It is best if you can introduce the concept of waiting for their turn at home. Use it while sitting down for dinner, playing with blocks, or using the wash basin. There are many different opportunities at home which can be used for practicing the skill. Even playing on a board game teaches the concept.
It is best to give your child ample amount of practice of turn- taking at home before they start playschool. Children who already know how to wait for their turn are able to adjust better and faster in the playschool.




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