The Last Step of Potty Training: Say Goodbye to Nighttime Diapers!

The Last Step of Potty Training: Say Goodbye to Nighttime Diapers!
2y to 3y

At this stage, your little one is fully eligible and fit to say goodbye to diapers, don some training pants and then move on to big kid underwear. While his interest may vary in this transition, technically, he is all set to welcome this change!

What you need to know

If your child is showing interest in the potty, this could be the right time. While every kid is different, children typically start showing interest in using the toilet at around this stage. If you’ve got a son, don’t be surprised if this takes a bit longer. Some little guys can take until 30 months old to show interest in toilet training.

What you need to do

Switching your child from diapers to training pants is a good first step since it gives children and you the ability to pull down their pants quickly to use the toilet. Unlike diapers, training pants don’t totally protect children from feeling that they’ve soiled themselves and that’s what makes the difference!

Allowing children to feel some of the wetness helps encourage them to not go to the bathroom in their pants. Keep these steps consistent. If your child is in daycare or has a babysitter, inform the caregivers about your child’s bathroom schedule and encourage them to keep it the same.

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