The Necessity of Getting Habituated Of Walking Straight

The Necessity of Getting Habituated Of Walking Straight
Muscle Strength

At this stage, your child's postures start making an impact. The habit of it that he develops today will remain in future. When your kid began to walk, the steps were a little uncalculated, their feet waddled like a duck! It was so cute watching them stumble and get up, learning how to master the simple act. Kids generally start walking from 8-14 months. But it’s not till they are 4-5 that they learn how to stand alone or move quickly. This is where they start to enjoy simple movements such as hopping, jumping and running.

What you need to know
But there are some kids who might not walk straight or in a line and tend to have bad balance or posture. Their motor development might not be as smooth as their peers. Still, that doesn’t mean your child has a problem. A number of kids tend to walk that way. You can take a few measures to ensure that they walk straight.

Start by noticing how their legs move. A baby usually has bow legs that straighten up. Someone who’s 3 will have a knock-kneed appearance, which will usually start straightening over the years. So, make sure that the knock knees are straightening. Observe that the kid doesn’t tiptoe, as this will prompt them to lose balance. See if the child walks in-toes or out-toes and correct them whenever needed. If the feet appear flat and it hurts the child to walk, consult a doctor.