The Rising Aggression of a Preschooler- Is Bullying on the Cards?

The Rising Aggression of a Preschooler- Is Bullying on the Cards?
Verbal language

At this point, with growing up comes some level of growing temperament as well. It’s surprising, but very common to see preschoolers acting quite aggressively, from getting physical to expressing anger and negative emotions. Children as young as 3 or 4 years can express a variety of bad behaviors and have temperamental outbursts. But this is the point in their life when they are learning to interact appropriately. And therefore, as parents, teachers and relatives, we should take different steps to prevent negative behaviors, particularly bullying.

What you need to know
First it is important to recognize different forms of bullying, including hitting, kicking, name calling and social exclusion. If your kid has been acting like a bully, you have to recognize and explain the negative behavior to your child. Instead of shouting and making the situation worse, correct the behavior through explanation and time-outs. Phrases like, “We don’t hit people. You should say sorry and hug your friend,” etc work, because they correct negative behavior while teaching the child about the right behavioral tactics.

What you need to do
We must also understand that a lot of kids who bully can later be the ones bullied. So, if your child is socially excluding others right now, they are less likely to be included on play dates and birthday parties. So, model empathy with them and be a role-model, practicing less aggression and anger behavior.

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