The Super Fast Brain Of Your Child- Time For A Memory Boost!

The Super Fast Brain Of Your Child- Time For A Memory Boost!
2y to 3y

Whoa! Your child's ever growing mind is trying to grasp everything at once. While this is a good sign, what's indispensible here is your child gets a memory boost to actually process and store all of that everything well in place.

A good memory is the sign of a healthy, well-functioning brain. Whether your child is trying to sing “twinkle twinkle” or memorizing the Quit India Movement, use your tools and techniques to boost your child’s memory.

What you need to know

Memory is just like a muscle, the more it is exercised, the better it will work. Encouraging your child to exercise their memory will prompt their brain to retain and recall information much quicker. For instance, when asked to copy words from the blackboard, kids need to first remember the order of each letter of each word, then write the spellings of the words from memory without looking up at the board for each letter, and later maybe recall and reuse those words in a spelling test a few days later.

Memory skills and your child

Memory is one of the vital determinants of your child's performance at school and all throughout their life. So why does your child end up forgetting important data? You need to start teaching your child at home first, which can later be useful for a child in school, where their brain is bombarded with thousands of facts each day. All the information is accessible for a short period of time. After that, the nuggets of information that were not imprinted deeply enough are forgotten. The key to memory enhancement lies in ensuring that the important bits are retained.