The Tantrum Troubles of Your Child Are Still Quite Present

The Tantrum Troubles of Your Child Are Still Quite Present
Non-verbal cues

Your otherwise sweet child can become a completely different person when throwing a tantrum at this stage. This too is a part of the growth process.

Little kids can create real scenes and this can be very embarrassing for parents at times. Tantrums are actually quite common at this age and are in no way a reflection of your parenting style. It just means that you have a frustrated kid at hand who is not able to deal with their emotions. The trick is to keep your cool at this time while at the same time handle the situation in the most effective manner.

What you need to know
At this age tantrums comes in all shapes and sizes. They can involve an explosion of anger, frustration, hitting, crying, screaming, throwing things, kicking, an arched back, falling down, running away etc. Some kids also hold their breath and cry so much that they vomit. As a parent you must understand that this behaviour of your child is because of extreme emotions that the child is too young to understand. This is the only way they can deal with it. Try to avoid judging your child at this time and understand the reason for the tantrum.

Avoid tantrum triggers
The reason of the tantrum can differ from child to child. Some children are prone to having a tantrum attack when they are hungry, tired, overstimulated, stressed, or want something. With experience, most parents get to know the tantrum triggers of their child and it is best to avoid such situations. In case of a tantrum session, it is best for you as parents to wait out the tantrum, be patient, firm, consistent and calm.

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