This Is What Your 4 Year Old Should Know

This Is What Your 4 Year Old Should Know

A child begins to think as soon as they arrive in this world. During their journey of being over 3 years old, they begin thinking rationally as well as emotionally, attaching meaning to different things and life forms. Therefore, once they become a preschooler, their thinking develops rapidly and you should understand the different types of things your child would know by the time they celebrate their 4th birthday.

What do they know?

So, what should your 4 year old know? Ideally, they should know that they are loved wholly and unconditionally, all the time. They should also know that they are safe and that you would protect them publically. Your little one should think that they can laugh or act out their emotions. At the same time, they would understand that ranting out their emotions, or being too angry isn’t right. They should also have a problem solving attitude in behavior and action.




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