Time For Independent Eating For Your Little One

Time For Independent Eating For Your Little One
Eating Habit

Your little one is now capable of eating by himself. To promote independent eating, it is important to sit and eat as a family, because children learn more by seeing than listening.

What you need to know

Treat your child at par with adults and offer everything. A child at this age should be able to understand the need to eat green leafy vegetables and fruits, if explained rightly. Serve smaller portions and gradually increase quantity. Variety at the dining table is important to see an empty plate at the end of a meal.

Give him the necessary culinary tools like spoon, fork and knife, but make sure they are not very sharp. While packing lunch or snacks for school, offer finger food which is easy to pick and eat. If your child is comfortable using a spoon and fork, you are at liberty to give all possible food options in the box. Keep track of those items that return home unfinished. Try offering them again to understand the reason behind the half-empty box.

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