Time & Tide Wait For None- Your Child is Ready to Understand This

Time & Tide Wait For None- Your Child is Ready to Understand This

Your child has grown into a sensible toddler. His brain is growing day by day which is a good thing. You as a mother need to help him in understanding basic concepts which can help him for the rest of his life. One such concept is understanding that time is extremely precious and waits for none. Your kiddo can now start to value time like never before.

What you need to know
Make the kid learn how to check the time on a clock. This would require you to have the full focus of the child. Teach the kid about the different arms on a watch. Offer the little one details such as the 24-hour day concept and information about the hour and second.

You can ask the child to look at the watch and try to figure out the time. Let him try because that would test his ability. Your duty should be to tell the kid about the exact judgement of time based on the placement of the three arms, that is, hours, minutes and seconds. The next thing should be to make the child learn about day and night.




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