Transformation Of A Swaddled Bundle Into A Mobile Person...Seems Exciting!

You might be worried that he is getting too hyperactive with his/her tricycle, skates, ball or other such activities. Do not get worried -- rather help your child become even more active.

What you need to do
Apart from school work, it is very essential that you as a parent motivate your child to participate more and more in such activities during this time. Also keep in mind that your child is growing older now, his frame will grow and be shaped according to the physical activity he makes the body go through.Transformation Of A Swaddled Bundle Into A Mobile Person...Seems Exciting!

So be firm with the intention of making him exercise along with developing his gross motor skills. Though he is no longer a baby, he is still a child and will need your support for sure. So help your child in his salad days so that he can blossom into an individual with refined gross motor skills.




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