Transition From More Play To More Of Academics

Transition From More Play To More Of Academics

Your child is now delving into deeper academic skills. The transition is more towards learning, with less playtime and more sitting time, be it in the classroom or at home doing homework.

What you need to know
At school, he will find the classroom more organized and structured. On the academics front, your child will develop his reading and writing skills. Writing occurs throughout the day as students learn various new subjects like Maths, English, Science, etc. In school, he will also be part of extracurricular activities which will shape his/her overall personality. Your child will be exposed to many changes and the success of his academically challenging first grade hugely depends on his/her interaction with his/her peers and teachers.

Challenges of increased academics

There can be a few challenges in the beginning. For instance, your child may refuse to do his homework. The reason may be he/ wants to play or is tired. If it’s due to play, be firm and tell him that homework is important and has to be done first. If he feels tired, let him/her take a short nap and then pursue homework. Discuss his dislike of homework with his teacher; a few words of encouragement from the teacher may help. Initially, you can give your child a small reward like a star sticker on completion of his/her homework. Appreciate neat and complete work.

With respect to extracurricular activity, ask your child his preferences. Involve him in the decision. If it’s an activity in which he is interested, the chances of completing the activity successfully are better. Give him motivation and love as your child is getting used to a new environment and is dealing with change. Work gradually with your child for a smooth transition from more play to increased academics.




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