Transitional phase

Transitional phase

Your child is now a growing kid who can handle transitions/changes better than younger kids. They are at the intermediate age where they are shedding their toddler insecurities and are ready to take up challenges. Their attention span is now broader, and they are building up their confidence in mastering reading skills and maths etc.

Dealing With Feelings of Insecurity
At the same time your kid might feel insecure about themselves and also criticize themselves. They get frustrated and lose self-esteem when something does not go according to their expectation or if they lose a game. Peer Pressure is one of the emotions which make them vulnerable and this is when they require support and encouragement from parents, teachers and other adults.

They try to be independent in doing their activities and chores; they want to be alone sometimes and at different times, will seek your help. They are going through a transitional phase, so be a guide and remind them of the directions they have to follow and rules they have to apply, rather than closely supervise. You might find them complaining a lot or unwilling to interact with others – all these feelings are to gain attention and for you to consider them as an individual. Show judicious sympathy and personal support to make them comfortable.

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