Uh-Oh! The 'Terrible Twos' Are Already Kicking In Your Growing Child

At this age, it is time for the so called ‘Terrible Twos’ of your child and you will see a marked difference in the way your child behaves. Don't be alarmed! This too is a part of his growth and just a phase that needs your attention.

What you need to know 
This is a major time in your child’s life when they start realising that they are individuals, separate from their parents. They start forming their own likes and dislikes and find ways to communicate them. As they are still unskilled in handling their emotions and also effectively communicating them, there would be a lot of impulsive behaviour. This is the time when your child can easily embarrass and frustrate you in public. As parents you need to constantly remind yourselves that this is just a phase that will pass over soon. However your right guidance at this time is very important to frame your child’s overall personality.

What you need to do
There would be times when your child will be naughty, throwing tantrums, not sharing, pushing, hitting, too demanding and impatient. They can be a real test on your patience but you still will have to maintain your cool. Your child is getting possessive about things, has little sense of time, trying to assert themselves and all this can lead to the aggressive behaviour that your child displays. This in no way means that your child is aggressive, but your response to the situations at this time will decide your child’s behaviour in adult life.Uh-Oh! The 'Terrible Twos' Are Already Kicking In Your Growing Child

If your child witnesses a positive response as a result of the aggressive behaviour they are more likely to continue behaving this way. Continuous reinforcement to the child that such behaviour is unacceptable will make the child stop such behaviour.

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