Uh-Oh! With Growing Abilities, Your Child Has Also The Ability to Lie Now

By this stage, your kiddo has learnt a lot of new things. While this is worth appreciating, there's a catch as well. She now also understands lying, as well as how to lie.

Children tell lies for various reasons. They might lie to cover something up so they don’t get into trouble, to see how you’ll respond when you hear them lie, to make their story more exciting or make themselves sound better, to get attention, even when they know you know the truth, or to get something they want, for example, saying to grandma, Mum lets me have lollies before dinner.

Uh-Oh! With Growing Abilities, Your Child Has Also The Ability to Lie Now

What you need to know

Children can learn to tell lies from an early age, usually by around three years of age. This is when your child starts to realize that you aren’t a mind reader, so they can say things that aren’t true without you always knowing. Once children grow old enough to understand the difference between true and not true, it’s good to encourage and support your child in telling the truth.

How to prevent lying

You can do this by emphasizing the importance of honesty in your family and praising your child for honesty, even if it sometimes takes you a while to get it. You can also send messages about honesty by telling your child that you don’t like it when he lies to you. For example, you could try saying something like, ‘When you don’t tell me the truth, I feel sad and disappointed.’




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