Uh-Oh! your Child May Transform Into A Bully- What To Do?

Uh-Oh! your Child May Transform Into A Bully- What To Do?

At this stage, your child is in the phase when he is in a most vulnerable state to grasp maximum knowledge. During this process he might pick up bad habits and can even develop bad behaviour traits. It is your duty as a mother to keep a strong check on the child’s activities so that he stays on the positive sideSchool is a place where a child learns a variety of things. From his knowledge about the world, society and other subjects, everything is introduced to him at this hub.

What you need to know
Developing the nature of a bully at school is a common issue with most children of this age. The child can learn this from his parents or other people in the family who behave in such a way, or lack of attention and love from the parents might transform the child into an aggressive character at school. To curb this one has to correct the kid when such traits are developing.

Never shout or get angry but be patient and frame a restriction, for example- if the child misbehaves with other children then you would stop his play time.

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