Uh-Oh! Your Kid Can Now Pull Up Stunts And Indulge in Fights With You

Uh-Oh! Your Kid Can Now Pull Up Stunts And Indulge in Fights With You
Verbal language

Your kiddo can be quite stubborn and rebellious at this stage due to pressure from academics or simply mood swings! Yesterday, they fought with you and didn’t finish their homework. Today, they crossed the limits and started hitting you at the shopping mall. Yes, these are quite common scenarios that you may come across at this stage.

What you need to know

Well, 6+ year olds love to push our buttons. They have this constant urge to get what they want, when they want! But they are still in that development phase where their brainstorming abilities aren’t too strong. So, this makes it difficult for them to let their wishes known. Consequently, they react in severely emotional ways, from sobbing to bitterly crying, hitting out and whining, throwing tantrums or being too demanding.

What fights should you avoid?

Remember, you are an adult, you should know which tantrums and tussles are worth fighting for! For instance, you shouldn’t be having fights on what they should wear (yes! We all know how first graders can have a peculiar sense of fashion). So, unless you are too concerned about the cold or heat, don’t be bothered with they wear. Similarly, it’s no use to fight about what they eat. Seriously, if they don’t want broccoli, don’t force-feed it. And no, they aren’t going to starve themselves. But that doesn’t mean you should give them chips or something unhealthy to eat.

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