Uh-oh! Your Little One Might Have Picked Some Bad Words Of Late

Uh-oh! Your Little One Might Have Picked Some Bad Words Of Late

At this point, your little one is in an exceptionally fast learning age. They eagerly grasp everything that is going on around them. It does not matter if it is good or bad -- they just pick it up. And so chances are likely that your child too might have picked up on some bad words from the surrounding and other people.

What you need to know 
As your child is growing older, they will be exposed to different kinds of people and environments. At times they might pick up bad words or language from their surroundings. When you hear them use such language, don’t get shocked, it can happen. Obviously, their acquiring bad language is not your fault but you do need to correct them promptly.

Make them understand the difference between good and bad words. Once they understand they will start correcting themselves. When your kid is in a jovial mood tell them the implication of these words. Make them understand that it might hurt other people’s sentiments. Try to tell them in an interesting manner or in a story form.




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