Umm, Your Child May Lie Blatantly To You

Umm, Your Child May Lie Blatantly To You

Don’t be alarmed if you find your sweet child lying on your face. It is a very normal behaviour at this age. As children get older they will come up with more sophisticated and deceitful lies. Every lie will not be innocent and naughty. Your child knows the difference between right and wrong and is fully aware of the fact that it is wrong to lie but may still continue to do so. But why?

What you need to know 

Before trying to discipline your child, try to understand why your child is tempted to stretch the truth. Children this age have a very active imagination and at times are not able to discern reality from fantasy. Sometimes they are just exaggerating to make the reality more interesting and acceptable. This is because children of this age lack self-confidence and feel the need to pump up the reality to get more appreciation. They may simply be boasting. If that is the case, then don’t ridicule the child because it will have harmful effects on your child’s self-esteem.

However, if you notice that your child is lying to cover-up or to escape discipline then you will have to take a stricter stance. You may need to confront your child gently and make them understand the harmful effects of lying. Disciplining at this time will be important to discourage further lying to this effect. The trick for parents is to find the right balance between being permissive and disciplinary.




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