Umm, Your Little One May Need Some Tantrum Adjustment

Umm, Your Little One May Need Some Tantrum Adjustment

Your preschooler is growing into a sensible child. He can manage most of the activities on his own. But you need to be careful about how you manage his radical behaviours and try not putting too much pressure of expectations on your child.

What you need to know

Your child might have grown big enough to walk and talk but this is the age when he would learn about independence. He might throw tantrums or whine about things. You need to process his behaviour and search for the cause. The mistake most parents do is that they do not try and understand the child’s nature, but use weapons of anger and fear to curb the kid’s bad behaviour.

The first step should be to consider your child as a growing sapling who requires your guidance. Spend maximum time with the kid so as to let him trust you. This would make the kid seek your help whenever he faces any problem. Behaviour issues arise when the child is not kept under supervision. Note the child’s activities and actions each day in order to sense a change.

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