Vision, Hearing and Speech Milestones

Vision, Hearing and Speech Milestones

By the age of four, all senses of the body attain complete development. Let’s take a look at three major sensory development milestones noticeable in your child:

Vision: Eye sight reaches 20/20. He or she will be able to see objects just like adults. However, constant exposure to bright lights especially during night time or long hours of strained television or mobile phone watching will severely affect their vision.

Hearing: Your child will be able to listen to speakers with rapt attention for longer time. He or she can follow the words of a new rap song better than you do! Children of this age group have good grasping powers which will reflect in their ability to comprehend newer languages faster.

Speech: The speech of your little one is completely clear even to a stranger. They possess a rich vocabulary of over 2000 words and are eager to learn more. Grammatical errors will persist. Correct them only after they have finished talking.




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