Wake Up Sense: Time To Knock On The World

Since your pre-schooler is mentally agile and has developed fine motor skills, now is the time to hone his sensory skills. Sensory development leads to better understanding, mental alertness, creativity and an amazing thought process. The sensory organ which consists of smell, taste, sight, touch and hearing allows your child to experience a plethora of emotions as your kid communicates in an expressive efficient manner.Wake Up Sense: Time To Knock On The World

What you need to do

Our senses are the driving force for most of our actions. Even a new born child recognizes his mothers touch and calms down listening to her sweet nothings. Your child is no different, As he too can differentiate amongst good and bad smell, delicious and bland food. Make the most out of it by letting your kid develop a sense of responsiveness towards himself and his surroundings. This is the ideal time for a child to distinct between good and evil. A time where you need to teach your kid the behavioral discrimination outside as He is stepping outside the safe confines of home to a new territory altogether.

Educate him on his physical attributes and his private parts. All the senses are working in tandem and thus be very careful while dealing with your child as he has so many options to choose from his surrounding right from variety of food to Television shows, listening to music, chatting with friends latest gadgets and gizmos and so on and thus maintaining a right balance and inclining your kid towards fair and right path is a herculean task to achieve.

Allow your kid to be more vocal about his feelings regarding people and situations. His perceptions and description will be unique under certain set of circumstances. This is the time when he will experience anger, dislike, happiness and joy all at one time or other. Let him be vocal and be a guiding light when finds it to be unjust. The kids are so tender at this age that you can mould them as you want and shape a better future for your child. Be a life coach to your kid and let him master the class of life.

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