Welcome To The 7th Year Of Life, Big Kid!

Welcome To The 7th Year Of Life, Big Kid!
Congratulations, your little one is now 7 years old. Time flies and how! The tiny fingers that once used to tightly wrap around yours are now eager to slip off and feel the fresh air on their own!
In this year, you will see remarkable emotional and mental development and much refined motor skills in your child.
Simple developmental tasks such as taking off her school bag or wearing shoes is common-place now.
Your child is suddenly more interested in herself. Do you often catch her in front of mirror admiring herself? Or does your kiddo come back from school with incidents where she stole teacher’s attention?
Questions your kid has been asking ever since she started talking never end. But now they are more intelligent and logical. Has she asked you “What is God”, yet?
Your child will also have an increased attention span now. She will finish the colouring project she started. Interestingly she would even be up for challenges. Just try teasing her that she cannot cycle 6 rounds of the playground, and she will prove her salt to you. Your early schooler now revels in socializing with friends. But be prepared for a bumpy emotional ride with her. As her sense of self-esteem increases, she may start comparing herself with others.
Remember your role is now to be a great listener and gentle guide in her journey of self-discovery.