What's The Secret Language Of Your Toddler At This Stage

At this stage, your little bundle of joy is becoming more verbal and opinion oriented person. He is getting more bossy and tells you what he wants, which dress he wants to wear, what he wants to eat. What's The Secret Language Of Your Toddler At This Stage


But when it comes to communicating certain complex emotions, he expresses it in a different way. He seems to interpret some weird behavior, which is hard to be understood. Your toddler develops self conscious emotions like shame, awkwardness when meeting new people, suddenly throwing a tantrum to seek attention and starts being clingy. This conscious behaviour is seen in toddlers between 24-36 months.

What you can do

As parents, look out for changes in your little one's behaviour. Acknowledge your child’s mistake and address the issue patiently. Respect his point of view and give him a chance to make choices. Provide reassurance to your little one when he meets new faces. Encourage his search for privacy.

Make him understand that there are many other ways to seek your attention than throwing a tantrum. Spend quality time playing and interacting with your bundle of joy. Hug him, tell him that you will not leave him.




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