When Asked Your Baby Is Able To Name At Least 3 Items From A Known Category

When Asked Your Baby Is Able To Name At Least 3 Items From A Known Category
Verbal language

The life of your little one as a preschooler begins when he is ready to communicate, which is a complicated task to do. From learning the sounds that make up words to figuring out what they mean and to finally use it correctly in a meaningful situation is a major achievement for your little kid. Now he is at the stage where he is starting to master the language and make it his own. 

What you need to know

The preschool years is a time during which your little ones emergent literacy abilities develop. In fact, these skills are the foundation onto which, your child’s later reading and academic abilities will build of. By the age of four, he has considerable experience with language, he can understand most sentences, understand the use of basic pronouns such as - I, you, they, we. He shows immense creativity in his language use, creating phrases for words he doesn't know. A majority of his words should be understandable to a person outside your home. Your little one learns to categorize items, and also remembers them perfectly.  At this age, your cutiepie learns to ask questions, the most prevalent  question is, 'Why'. His fine motor skills develops and he can produce all letters and many pictures with precision and accuracy. 

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