Whoa! Your Creative Genius Has Started Scribbling Already!

Your child can now grab a fallen pen or pencil and start rubbing it on the floor. Her first scribbles! This is the day when you as a mother should teach her some new basics, since this is a fantastic point of her growth and development. 

What you need to know
The age 2-3 years is the time when the child is vulnerable to a lot of things that are present in their surroundings. You need to play the role of a teacher to make them learn how to scribble and draw shapes and patterns. No idea how to proceed? You can follow some simple and easy steps such as the use of sand or garden soil.

Make the baby sit on the floor and with your finger draw a line in the soil. Then hold the finger of the baby and help them draw the exact thing. You can also use a bowl to create a circular compression in the soil. This is a fun way to make the child learn basic shapes and also how to draw them. Introduce the child to a drawing book and show them how to colour it with crayons. If they don’t imitate your actions then try and teach them the correct grip on the crayon and make them scribble anything.

Whoa! Your Creative Genius Has Started Scribbling Already!

This is a brilliant way to polish her fine motor skills as well as learning.




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