With Growing Emotions Also Comes Growing Fear in Your Kid

Since now your child has a better understanding of things and also has multitudes of emotions buzzing from the inside, chances are that his fears for certain things have also come to fore.

Babies can be really unpredictable. Small children are fearless and can boldly go on to explore the unknown world but as they grow older, fear starts creeping in. You might have noticed that overnight your brave explorer has developed some irrational fears. It is very normal for children this age to be fearful. This fear is due to their anxiety level which is a natural response of the body to cope with new experiences. The feeling of fear is also due to their vivid imagination levels.

What you need to know
Your child may get scared of the most innocuous things. A dog, a clown, bugs, the dark, Santa Claus or even their own shadow can put them in a hysterical state until they are removed from the presence of their object of fear. You must try to understand that your child’s fear is stemming from a lack of security that your child is feeling at this time. The most important thing that you can give your child is an unbroken sense or security and routine. Try to reassure your child of your presence and the fact that you can guard them against all dangers. Your love, care and security is all that your child seeks.

Never ridicule
Always remember that even though you may not understand your child’s fears but they are very real to the child. So do not ridicule or chastise the child for the fears. Instead encourage your child to talk out about the fear. Instil the confidence in the child that you are always with the child to stop anything bad from happening.

With Growing Emotions Also Comes Growing Fear in Your Kid

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