With Growing Independence Your Child May Now Show Traits of Being A Picky Eater

With Growing Independence Your Child May Now Show Traits of Being A Picky Eater

This is the transitional phase of your child where he is aware of his growing independence and can also voice some of his choices. Your child insists on having the same food every time. This may just be a way of showing that they are in control. Do not give in to their whims and fancies.
What you need to know
It is time your child learnt to eat their food without the gimmicks of the terrible twos. The pickiness wanes as they get older. Your child may not like to taste new food. Introduce new food along with something they are accustomed to eat already. Before serving the new item in their plate, eat it with relish yourself. Your child will automatically want to taste it too.

Involve your child in meal planning and gardening. Have your child colour a nutritional chart you have made together after every meal when they have met the nutritional requirements. Give them healthy choices. These things will prepare them to become accustomed with the food they are going to eat and will reduce the pickiness. Tell stories and use your imagination to make the eating time short but enjoyable.




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