With Growing Logic Skills, Your Child Can Now Solve Simple Puzzles

With Growing Logic Skills, Your Child Can Now Solve Simple Puzzles
Eye-Hand movement

Your shining star surprises you with new activities ever so often. At this age, your child will develop more logical skills and will be able to complete simple puzzles. You are going to enjoy watching your little one refine his skills as he can play puzzle games with ease. 

What you need to know

Now, your child can handle far more complex puzzles than he used to as a younger child. Playing with puzzles will improve precision with his fingers. These puzzle games refine his motor and problem-solving skills. However, while choosing the best puzzle game for him, you need to keep in mind his developmental stage and choose it accordingly. The difficulty increases as the number of pieces and the variation of colours increases as well as the size of the pieces decreases.

What you can do

Jigsaw picture puzzles with 5 to 6 pieces are the best ones to go for to let your child with puzzles. The image base and a pictorial representation helps your child boost his memory as well as his hand-eye coordination. There are also dress up puzzles available online, where a child needs to dress up a cartoon in the accessories shown. You can make use of this as well. 

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