With Growing Observation, Your Child Is More Involved With You

With Growing Observation, Your Child Is More Involved With You
3y to 4y
Verbal language

As your little one is growing up, his observational skills too are getting cemented with each passing day. Even though there are several things around him that a child observes and learns from, what you are doing as a parent will most certainly interest him the most. Thanks to his observation, he now feels further connected to you and more involved, and you should make the best use of this opportunity. One of the best activities that you both can do together is cooking.

What you need to know

Cooking involves various stages, and as a child it is rather interesting for him to see step by step what goes into making the dishes he savors every day. Allow your little one to help. A little bit of peeling and chopping can be harmless. However, avoid his presence in front of the fire. It will make him feel more responsible and also a part of your life and activity.

Encourage your child to express his feeling about food, nutrition, his tastes and his like and dislikes. Involving your child in kitchen also helps him to understand the effort put by you to make the food he eats. At times, this also helps in doing away with his food tantrums. Lastly, there is nothing more beautiful than bonding with your child. Kitchen activities is definitely one of the best ways to go about it.

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