With Your Child's Growing Brain, His Tantrums Might Be Growing Too

This is the stage where your child begins to exercise his independence a bit more and sometimes starts throwing tantrums. Once you endure the walk of shame in the local supermarket (because your child threw a temper tantrum), you will find yourself talking to the child and explaining them why their indiscipline is an irresponsible behavior. But does a 2 year old understand that? Would they understand your negotiation? Perhaps not! So, what’s the best way to discipline your child? The answer is consistency!

What you need to know 
Being consistent, in terms of orders and routines will ensure that your child isn’t overwhelmed and stays disciplined. For instance, if the child knows that you go to the market every weekend, they will be prepared for the same. In case of change in routine, inform your little one beforehand.With Your Child's Growing Brain, His Tantrums Might Be Growing Too

Secondly, you might want to avoid stressful situations in the first place. Remember, a child will show indisciplined behavior most often if they are hungry, sleepy or have experienced a sudden change of venue. So, make sure that your child is home at bedtime or mealtime and keep food in hand when shopping or going out.

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