Woo-Hoo! Your Child Can Now Run Smoothly!

Woo-Hoo! Your Child Can Now Run Smoothly!
Muscle Strength

Your child has been training for his first steps from the day he was born, and now at this stage, as he has stronger control over his muscles and his body, he is all set to run now!

What you need to know

Over the first year, your child has been developing their muscle strength and coordination, and has mastered one physical feat after another, from rolling over to sitting to crawling or scooting. By this age now, your child has grown so confident of his ambling abilities that he can now take part in games like tag and ring-around-the-rosy. For kids this age, their steps are becoming more even, and they are getting the hang of the smooth heel-toe motion that adults use.

Jumping and climbing- your child is on a roll

At this age your child probably also enjoys jumping and climbing. Now is a good time to decide what you want the rules to be about leaping all over the furniture. There are still some actions like balancing on a curb or standing on one foot that require concentration and effort, but by the time your child's third birthday rolls around, walking is second nature to your child. Your child no longer needs to exert as much energy to walk, stand, run, or jump, and they are more nimble on their feet. Your child can stop and start a sprint at the drop of a hat, and zip left and right with little hesitation.