Wow! Your Child Has Refined Mathematical Skills Already!

Wow! Your Child Has Refined Mathematical Skills Already!
Learning Skills

Your child learns important math skills from his play and routines. He understands the words one and two. He will be able to determine the number of items in a group of up to five items by using one-to-one counting. He tries to understand what happens if an item is added or removed. He will be able to match shapes first with the same sizes and then different sizes.


He will sort simple shapes in a sorter box. He can stack rings  on a peg in order of size. With respect to puzzles, he can complete a three-piece to ten- piece puzzles. He understands a whole object like pizza can be separated into parts. He can create pictures using one shape but not in combination yet. He is still learning to understand the order to the day like time to eat, nap time, bedtime. He understands patterns in the environment like day follows night, patterns in clothing, etc. He makes an attempt to follow patterns with stringing beads, magnetic shapes. He will try to classify objects under groups like small vs big, light vs heavy.


What you can do


In many fun ways you can incorporate early math skills in your child. Fill a basket of small toys, shells and pebbles. Count them with your child. Sort them based on size, colour or what they do. Talk to your child in your society how each house has a number. Ask him to touch shapes cut out of cardboard with eyes open and then closed. Let him identify which is a circle, square and triangle. Ask him to notice patterns in the shirt he is wearing like stripes, colours, shapes or pictures. These informal activities will give a head start when he starts learning Math at school.

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