Writing A, B, C- Monstrous Handwriting Alert!

Writing A, B, C- Monstrous Handwriting Alert!
Muscle Strength

You held their hand, you helped them write those first alphabets. And now at 5, they are holding that pencil on their own. You breathlessly wait for your child to write their first ‘A’ or even the first ‘1’, but when they start scribbling, the line marks go everywhere. That ‘A’ seems like a monster covering the entire page, while ‘1’ appears to be a circle! So, how do you help your kindergartner write independently?

What you need to know 
We have a few strategies you can use. Play a game like the Little Mountain, as kids need help to develop finger dexterity or fine motor skills. Here, the idea is to associate letters or even numbers with something they can imagine. So, ‘A’ is like a mountain with a line in between and ‘8’ has two rolled pieces of clay. ‘B’ has rolled clay with a line and so on.

Or else, try letter recognition. Sometimes, kids can find it harder to write because they don’t know letters and numbers. So, help them identify them. This will ensure that they don’t write letters backwards.

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